Swim in the VACOped!*

Yes, you really can! Don’t let your injury ruin your vacation or summer. The VACOped and VACOcast boot components are waterproof. The only part of the boot that retains water is the cloth liner. You will need an extra liner to swim.


To swim in your VACOped:

  • First: Get your surgeon’s approval.
  • Second: Bring your dry extra liner to the pool.
  • Third:  While wearing your VACOped, enter the pool and enjoy your swim!  Exit the pool, and sit somewhere safe.  Remove your VACOped and dry off your foot.  Unzip the back of the wet liner and remove the vacuum insert.  Dry off the vacuum insert and place into the dry extra liner.  Shake excess water out of the VACOped shell and towel it dry.  Apply the dry liner/insert onto your dry foot, and apply the shell as usual.  You’re now good to go!  Allow the wet liner to air dry.  You may machine-wash the liners on medium, but do not machine dry, or they may shrink.
Order a Second Liner