VACOcast Diabetic

VACOcast Diabetic is the best choice for offloading forefoot and midfoot ulcers.  



VACOcast Diabetic: Application

How to put on the VACOcast Diabetic right.

Changing Sole

VACOcast Diabetic: Changing Sole

How to change the VACOcast Diabetic sole

Changing Liner

VACOcast Diabetic: Changing Cushion Liner

How to change the VACOcast Diabetic cushion liner.

Additional Products



While wearing a VACOped, VACOped Diabetic, VACOcast, VACOcast Diabetic or any other boot/cast, there will be a height difference between the foot with the orthosis/cast and your uninjured foot. 


Compensation Sandal

The Compensation sandal is designed to perfectly even out the height of the VACOped in warm weather.  It’s like an EvenUp® for your bare foot!


Rain Guard

Our custom-designed waterproof nylon cover protects the lower portion of your boot with the bottom exposed to grip whatever surface you may be walking on. You can apply it in seconds and it can be stored in a small bag while on the go.

Terry Cloth Liner

These premium quailty Terry Cloth Liners are soft and comfortable. Great for relaxing around the house, but functional for activity.