Walk on even footing and in your own comfortable shoes. EVENup is the easy way to “even up” leg length frm hip to sole and make walking a breeze and pain free.

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How to Use

1. Put on your EVENup Orthotic Shoe Lift while sitting down. Place your good foot over your opposite knee. Place the front portion of the EVENup strap over the toes of your shoe

2. Pull the elastic straps toward the heel of the shoe and adjust the side straps over the sole of the shoe. Pull up the heel tab to securely fasten to the sole of the shoe.

3. Make sure the EVENup name is facing out!

4. Utilize the velcro strap provided to securely fasten the EVENup to your shoe. Place the strap through the loop and around the thicker band.


Nick from New York City

Did you know you can swim in you VACOCAST boot? Nick from NY didn’t miss a beat on his vacation, still able to snorkel.

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Michael from Florida

Living in Florida, living in, on and under the water….The first swim was worth the $300. Now I’m in the pool every day doing hydrotherapy.

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Alexandra from Illinois

I LOVE my VACOCast. Life is so much easier and I am so happy to have made the decision to make the purchase…

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