• Stable and Comfortable
  • Slim design slips into shoes 
  • Easy to apply
  • Adjustable support 


  • Acute ankle ligament injuries
  • Prevention of ligament lesions on the ankle joint
  • Compensation of ankle joint instability
  • Ankle sprains

The Ultimate Ankle Brace

  • The best combination of stability and comfort
  • Adjustable limitation of movement through three-position talus strap
  • Excellent ankle comfort from VACO12 cushions
  • Slim design fits into shoes 
  • Easy to apply and adjust - no laces needed


  • Anatomically molded outer shell offers excellent lateral and rotational stability.
  • Three strap design firmly holds the ankle in place.
  • Elastic straps apply compression, helping to reduce swelling.


  • The VACOtalus is designed for either the right or left foot, and is shaped to conform to your foot.
  • VACO12 bead inserts cushion your ankle bones.
  • The straps can be adjusted to give compression and support where needed.

Sizing Chart

Small, left/right  Standard, left/right
US (M)        ≤ 7.5        ≥ 7.5 
US (W)       ≤ 8.5        ≥ 8.5 
UK       ≤ 6.5        ≥ 6.5
EUR       ≤ 40        ≥ 40 

Ask your doctor for VACOtalus

You have the right to ask for the best product available. The VACOtalus is often covered by Medicare and private insurance. You can also ask your surgeon if you can buy the VACOtalus by yourself and use it for your injury.

You as a doctor, surgeon, orthopedist or clinic want to buy VACOtalus? 

You can order VACOtalus or any other OPED - Product by contacting our office.