• The VACOped Diabetic is the best choice for offloading difficult heel ulcers.
  • Adjust the boot to 10 degrees dorsal flexion to shift weight forwards and off the heel.


  • Diabetic Foot Syndrome
  • Heel ulcers

What makes this VACOped “Diabetic”?

  • Additional beads for more comprehensive offloading
  • Low-friction wicking synthetic velour liner is more gentle
  • Toe cover to prevent debris from entering the boot
  • Foam foot bed layer for added shock absorption 

Vacuum Technology

  • Bead-filled vacuum insert
  • Molds to the foot like plaster
  • Solidifies under vacuum
  • Forms an offloading mold of the foot
  • Re-molds for each fitting

Advantages at a glance

  • Great for heel offloading
  • Set at 10 degrees dorsal flexion to offload heel
  • Rocker sole for better walking gait
  • Removable sole for wearing boot to bed
  • Washable cloth liners for better hygiene
  • Clinically proven results

Sizing Chart

US (M)  3.5-6.5 6.5-9.5  9,5-14.5 
US (W) 4.5-7.5 7.5-10.5


Lenght Positions
Foot Width 4.1" 4.7" 5.3
Ankle Circumference 5.5-11" 8-16" 12-18"
Calf Circumference 9-15" 13.5-20" 15-23"

If you have any questions about sizing please don't hesitate to contact us at supportopedmedicalcom for assistance. If you are in between sizes we generally recommend that you choose the smaller size. If you have a very large calf you may require additional accessories to accommodate (Liner Extension and Extra Long Strap).

Ask your doctor for VACOped Diabetic

You have the right to ask for the best product available. The VACOped Diabetic is often covered by Medicare and private insurance. You can also ask your surgeon if you can buy the VACOped Diabetic by yourself and use it for your injury.

You as a doctor, surgeon, orthopedist or clinic want to buy VACOpedes Diabetic? 

You can order VACOpedes Diabetic or any other OPED - Product by contacting our office.