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OPED has development a motion sensor and an associated app for outpatient rehabilitation following knee injury. The Orthelligent KNEE product is a piece of software (app) that can provide a visual representation of the movements of the lower limb measured by the movement sensor. This exact analysis allows reliable conclusions concerning the healing process – ideal for function-based after-care in the area of knee injuries.


  • Comparison of the healthy leg and injured leg
  • Monitoring of the patient’s individual healing progress
  • Tangible calculation of the injury’s healing stage
  • Easy set-up of the sensor

Small sensor – huge effect

OPED has developed a motion sensor incl. app that optimally supports function-based follow-up treatment after knee and ankle injuries. The sensor analyzes motion sequences at the lower extremities, while the corresponding app evaluates the results and displays them in an appealing graphical form. These evaluations provide more precise conclusions about the healing process after a knee or ankle joint injury. The app evaluates the results of the various tests and compares the healthy leg with the injured one.

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The Orthelligent Knee – App guides the user to the various movement tests, which are then directly evaluated. As a physician or therapist, one is thus able to draw conclusions about the development of certain motor skills, for example. These findings help to keep a better eye on the progress of recovery and the effect of the therapy methods used. The motion sensor can be integrated into the OPED knee orthosis ADVAGOknee or attached to the leg independently in order to perform the corresponding tests.

Orthelligent is also available in a Pro version for medical practices. This version contains a client function and comprehensive evaluation options.

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The right test at the right time

There are currently nine texts, separated in three categories: Range of motion, coordination and strength/speed. These tests may be carried out at different times, depending on the recovery progress.

Range of motion

Passive Angle Measurement

Extension Limitation

Active Angle Measurement


Angle Reproduction

Functional Stability



Vertical Jump

Distance Jump*

Side Hop

* just within the Pro-Version / not feasible with the sensor

Video instructions for the Orthelligent Knee motion sensor tests

Motion sensor benefits for doctors

  • Documentation and graphic representation of their patient’s individual healing progress
  • Support tool for aftercare based on the development of functional parameters (in contrast to time-based protocols)
  • Quality assurance option

Motion sensor benefits for therapists

  • Monitoring the patient’s individual healing process
  • Helpful tool for controlling the individual rehab process (function-based vs. time-based therapy control)
  • Explanatory tool based on the graphical evaluation for patients
  • Documentation of the course of therapy

Motion sensor benefits for patients

  • Biofeedback for self-management of the progress of healing
  • Information and certainty about own rehab progress
  • Simply “the nice feeling of being kept informed of the state/progression of your own recovery…”
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