VACOped Achilles Injury/Fracture Orthosis Boot is the number one choice of patients and physicians alike for treating Achilles injuries. It has an adjustable, articulating ankle feature for dynamic settings such as plantar flexion and controlled Range of Motion (ROM) thus allowing and enabling an active recovery.

The VACOcast family of orthoses have a patented vacuum-relief insert. This allows you to create a “custom-molded” fit that is specific to your anatomy and is markedly more comfortable and stable than any other orthopedic boot on the market.

VACOped-Achilles Orthosis is also repeatedly sought out by professional and world-class athletes in varying fields of athletics.

Ideal for… Other medical indications
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Achilles tendon rupture (post-surgery or conservative rehab)
  • Lower-leg fractures
  • Ankle fractures
  • Ankle joint replacement
  • Arthrodeses of upper and lower ankle joint
  • Calcaneus fractures
  • Complex ligament injuries
  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Severe sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries with impaired healing
  • Splinting of foot and lower leg

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Article number: VPED-01-4-S/M/L

Note: Actual liner color may differ from picture.

When walking in a boot, there can be a leg length discrepancy that can cause strain on your hips, which can become painful to deal with. Try our EVENup Shoe Lift to alleviate the discomfort associated with this discrepancy!

Each VACOped Achilles Injury/Fracture Orthosis Boot comes with one adjustment key, one vacuum relief insert with Bulb Pump, two removable cloth liners, one detachable Rocker Sole, and one detachable 15° Achilles Wedge Sole. Additional accessories are available (see below). If you have a very large calf you may require additional accessories to accommodate (Liner Extension and Extra Long Strap).

If you are in between sizes we generally recommend that you choose the smaller size, however, this varies by patient. If you are uncertain as to which size to order, please contact us PRIOR to placing your order so that we may assist you. We are available by email at or by phone 1-800-334-1906, Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM EST.

Please call us before ordering an additional orthosis in a different size or returning your original orthosis to us, as there are some general adjustment techniques that we can walk you through. We are always here to help you get the right fit for the item you need.

We are happy to provide you with an exchange for sizing issues within 7 days if we have assisted you with fitting questions PRIOR to you placing your order. If after speaking, we determine that an exchange is the best option, the orthosis you return must be in new and re-sellable condition when we receive it.

Please Note: We are unable reimburse for shipping if you do not contact us PRIOR to placing your order with any fitting questions.

Shoe Size M 5-8 | W 6.5-9.5 M 8-11 | W 9.5-13 M 11+ | W 13+
Length Positions
9.3″ / 9.7″ / 10.1″ 10.4″ / 10.8″ / 11.2″ 11.3″ / 11.7″ / 12.2″
Foot Width 4.1″ 4.7″ 5.3″
Ankle Circumference 5.5-11″ 8-16″ 12-18″
Calf Circumference 9-15″ 13.5-20″ 15-23″